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Name: Torviss-Nnrr “The Void-Faring Ones”
Designation: Transport vessels for the Gath.

The Torviss-Nnrr is an immense, living ship spawned from the body of the gigantic Worldships of the Lak-Nnrr. The uncloaked form of an average Lak-Nnrr is over twenty feet long and over fifteen feet in diameter, much like a normal rocket used on Earth. Contained within the Torviss-Nnrr is an almost un-mappable complex of hallways, rooms, and other areas. Fortunately, it can be subject to the will of its crew. With a functioning Yggdrasil Core, it can read the desires of its user and will confirm that the next door they enter leads to their desired location. The Torviss-Nnrr is alive and self-aware, but will not defy its crew if its crew remains loyal.

Yggdrasil Core – Bio-Electronics. Contains a simple memetic mental probing program allowing for entry into any part of the Torviss-Nnrr desired.
Maya Generator – Transmitter. An internal memory-affecting device, causes all involved to perceive the Torviss-Nnrr as an appropriate item to their setting. Multiple witnesses will see the same thing, even retroactively altering memory details in case of abnormality.
Lak-Nnrr Temporal Sensor – Bio-Electronic / Sensor / Temporal Device. Warns of anomalies and dangers in immediate vicinity to the Torviss-Nnrr and its crew. Also used by the Lak-Nnrr to inform the Torviss-Nnrr and its crew of danger to the space-time continuum, nearby planets, or the galaxy as a whole.
The Body of Torviss-Nnrr – Bio-Electronic / Spatial Device. Simple control panel, as well as direct power source to the Heart of the Torviss-Nnrr. Provides any basic needs in the ship, as well as guiding it along its path to whichever destination the crew chooses.
The Heart of Torviss-Nnrr – Lak-Nnrr Technology RESTRICTED CONTENTACCESS CODE REQUIREDERROR. ACCESS CODE NOT FOUND Fuels the Torviss-Nnrr’s sentience.
Refueling Port – Lak-Nnrr Technology. Refueling center for the Body of Torviss-Nnrr. Must be refueled periodically at a Lak-Nnrr Worldship. RESTRICTED CONTENTACCESS CODE REQUIREDERROR. ACCESS CODE NOT FOUND
Aditya Manipulation Drive – Temporal Device / Spatial Device. The Torviss-Nnrr can manipulate energy to control inter-dimensional and time-space travel. May also be used as a weapon, although this puts excessive stress on the Body of Torviss-Nnrr, putting the Heart of Torviss-Nnrr at severe risk and potentially risking the lives of both the Torviss-Nnrr and its crew. Only recommended for advanced users.
Containment Drive – Bio-Electronic / Spatial Device. Due to the immense size of the Torviss-Nnrr, the Torviss-Nnrr emits a field of trans-spatial energy, absorbing anything that threatens to damage it or be damaged by it. Anything caught in this field is transported to the Subspace Containment Area within the hold of the Torviss-Nnrr and held in stasis until the Torviss-Nnrr leaves. Living matter is transported to whatever location it was crossing to, or the closest approximation thereof.
Body – Lak-Nnrr Technology / Bio-Electronic. The Body of the Torviss-Nnrr is hyper-dense and capable of receiving nearly infinite amounts of damage from uncountable other sources.
Mental Communication Transference Device – Bio-Electronic / Lak-Nnrr Technology / Spatial Device / Temporal Device. With a subtle adjustment of the correct mental faculties, all members of the Torviss-Nnrr’s crew appear to be speaking the same language to one another. They understand all languages spoken to them, and can communicate in the same. Observers and outsiders cannot understand one another, however, and are limited in the same way as if their minds were unaffected. Only the crew may speak and be spoken to in the language native to the area.


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