The Lak-Nnrr Chronicles

“In my time with the Lak-Nrr, I learned much. I learned that we, not humans, not Dalek, not even Lak-Nrr themselves, but all races in existence, are victims of our own hubris. Through time, our dreams were always to grasp that which is well beyond our reach. In early times, we dreamed of reaching the moon. After we had mastered, we wished to reach the stars. After we had made the stars our slaves, we sought to reach through time itself. When an alien race makes contact with time, it pulls and distorts it. Time is not a concept; it is a living, breathing thing, and the more it is tampered with, the more it tears.”
—The Lak-Nnrr Chronicles, by Sir Thomas Lincolnshire; Ch. 3 “On How My Desire Became My Duty”

Welcome to life with the Lak-Nnrr. Whether you realize it or not, you are now a part of something bigger, maybe even as big as the Doctor and his own journeys. You are working, whether for profit, for redemption, because you were commanded, or simply out of a sense of duty, for a race as old even as the Daleks themselves, ancient aliens called, in the closest approximation you are capable of reaching, the Lak-Nnrr. They are self-appointed defenders of time and space, and where the Doctor cannot be, where Torchwood cannot be, one may find the Lak-Nnrr.

The Lak-Nnrr, however, are not as kind as the Doctor. Everything they do has a goal, and they are not afraid to hold a standing military, to hire less-than-scrupulous types, or to guide their methods through less-than-noble pursuits. They are not evil, but their slate is not the cleanest.

You are part of the Lak-Nnrr’s defending forces now. You are a mercenary, a press-ganged civilian, a trained soldier, or even an accidental attendee to the will of the Lak-Nnrr, but you are part of them regardless.

Welcome to the Caverns of Dream.

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Doctor Who: The Lak-Nnrr Chronicles

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